White Lotus Invocation

White Lotus Invocation

The White Lotus  and The “Individual” Collective

These were ideas some good friends and I developed as inspired by the Order of the White Lotus, as presented in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Psychology

Designed as ‘reverse’ or counter propaganda, positive affirmations about evolution. At least among our social spheres at the time.
1. Gaining Perspective

Blackout Days: no television, computers, music, or “technology of any kind” for an entire day.  Do this on the weekend, so that you are forced to kindle that engine of creativity: boredom. Behave such as one would during a natural black out.

Light some candles.

You would do this to remove yourself from the technology, to learn what it’s for.
2. Meditations on the Self

Egoism vs. Egotism, words commonly mis-relayed in common parlance

A. Egotism: excessive conceit or self-absorption, selfishness (adjective – egotistic).

“The egotistic child never shared his toys.”

“When you are in the center, you feel alone.”

Egotism is what has chained us as a race, and as individuals to certain ‘dominator’ mental constructs. We have been  blinded by our own perception, our lens on the universe. The selfish expression of the Ego is what seems to be right in front of us. Upon awakening to self reflection, Western man immediately thought himself the center of it.

The collective consciousness can finally break free from this limited view now. Due to the projects of science and the great creatives, a culmination of data for conscious thinking has been compiled. For ages, human civilization has continued to shatter the conception in the individual’s mind about how important mankind is. The selfless collective evolution is rising.

B. Egoism: is the belief that self-interest motivates all people’s actions (adjective – egoistic).

Egoism says that a person’s actions, no matter how selfless they may seem, are always done out of self-interest.

Egoism is what was built into us by evolution, and has served us well in survival scenarios.

Now we can shed it off like old skin/detritus.

Group evolution does occur. As long as there is still competition and self-improvement through a kind of “individual” collective natural selection, nature abides.

Ancestry obsession/tribal politics/clan warfare/ the eternal ‘us vs. them’ is so important to the unreflective Ego.

If we only realized that we all have a COMMON ANCESTRY, we could get along. Or at least act more like ecologically sensitive and rational human beings.-Consciousness

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